Last year, on my birthday no less, I lost my bag with Terra Mystica, Through the Ages, Hegemonic, Impulse, and Battle Line in it. All told, a couple hundred dollars worth of stuff. It was a bummer.

It's taken months to reacquire all of those games, and the final piece was getting Game Trayz which work so well for Terra Mystica. I had a friend pick it up last year at BGG Con with a discount code, so I got a nice deal on it. However, rebuying it would require paying full price + shipping.

I sent off an e-mail to Game Trayz to see if I could possibly use the same discount code, and was offered another tray free of charge; all I had to do was pay shipping. Needless to say, this was entirely above and beyond what I was hoping for and really appreciate them for it. - AceTracer

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