Game Trayz boardgamequest"Welcome back to Level Up My Game where we look into ways to improve the board games you love through home made and 3rd party products. Last time we took a look at a custom wooden organizer for the Marvel Legendary Deckbuilding Game. Today, we are going to stay in a similar category and talk about a newcomer to game storage solutions.

wasn’t planning on doing a second article in a row about game organizers, but I got side swiped into this great product at Gen Con last month. I met Game Trayz founder Noah Adelman while hanging out at the convention and he showed me his new products. He has two organizers so far, one for Euphoria and one for Terra Mystica. These organizers from Game Trayz use a process called thermoforming to make them unique to the game they are storing. Each tray is custom molded to fit the specific components of the game and also comes with a lid to help keep things secure..."

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